Alarm signs and decals can help deter intruders from even thinking about breaking into your home. Keeping all entrances armed when no one is in the house or at night is an important factor in keeping burglars away. 

If you are leaving for vacation, don't advertise your house as a welcome target for thieves; instead, take steps to enhance safety and security:

    •   Use lighting liberally on the interior and exterior of your home. Purchase several light timers and program lights for different rooms at varying times.
    •   Do yard work before leaving.
    •   Never hide house keys in a mailbox, planter or under a mat.
    •   Avoid leaving messages on your phone answering machine or social networking sites that alert others to your absence.
    •   Consider asking a neighbor park their car in your driveway.
    •   Arrange to have newspaper and mail delivery suspended or collected.

Tips on protecting your home: